Hi, my name is Michael and I am an event photographer based in Southern California.

There are stories laced into everything we do and my goal for you is to tell your story as beautifully as possible - to be able to capture the essence of emotions and whatever craziness that partakes into timeless photographs.  As with any event, there's a chance that things may get a bit unruly, so I like to keep a couple of disciplines in my pocket that will help me best capture your day the way you want it.

First and foremost is that the focus is all on you.  This is your story to tell and I'm merely the storyteller using my camera as a medium.  I do try to get to know my subjects as if they were my best friends because the the more comfortable you are with me the better the likelihood your photos will come out naturally.  Secondly, I believe in living in the present, so of all the photos I take, I do my best to take them as quick as possible so that you can go back to savoring the moment at hand.

Ultimately, what good is there in having a super power to freeze time if that moment wasn't worth capturing?  My hope is that anyone who looks at your photos can feel what it was like to be there that day.  To live it, re-live it, and feel it as if it were just yesterday.

Shooting your event would be an honor and I hope you can honor me with that privilege and because no two events are ever alike, please let me know if there's any special customizations you would like.